Will the payment be transferred automatically if I click the Confirm Payment button when purchasing?

No, binding the payment method (such as Alipay, bank card, WeChat, etc.) does not mean that the payment will be automatically transferred when you click Confirm Payment. Users need to manually transfer payment using Alipay or bank transfer system, etc. After you complete the transfer, click Confirm Payment and wait for the seller to check it.

Please, pay attention to the following:

1.Please confirm receiving bank and the account information of the payee to avoid mistakes.

2.Please do not note sensitive words such as Utomarket, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, BTC, etc. when transferring.

3.For non-working time and non-working days, please divide a large transfer into each amount less than 50,000.

4.Please do not receive payment from anyone whose personal information of the transfer is inconsistent with the real name information of the order.


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