What is an appeal? How to make an appeal and how to cancel it? What is the basis of the judgment?

is an appeal?

An appeal means to request for the platform’s official customer service to solve problems encountered in the transaction which are mainly disputes with the counterparty.


How to make an appeal?

If you fail to communicate with the other party, you can click the appeal button, and fill in the information as prompted to make an appeal. The customer service will intervene in your chat. Related reading: What should I do if there is a dispute with the other party during the transaction?


How to cancel an appeal?

When your order status is Complainingcomplaining, you can see the Cancel the Complaint button on the order details page. If you agree with the other party and want to cancel the complaint you can click the button.


The judgment of the appeal is based on:

1.Platform trading rules. Related reading: Rules of P2P Exchange trading area.

2.Related facts, including transaction-related records, additional evidence submitted by buyers and sellers such as screenshots of transactions, screenshots of remittances, etc.

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