Referral Program Rules

Reward rules for referring:

  1. Definition of a qualifying referral: The referred person must use the referral link to complete the registration, complete an order and the C3 verification.
  2. The referrer will receive 0.001 BTC every time he refer a qualifying referral.
  3. The referring commission will be paid within 3 working days.
  4. The referring commission is unlimited, there is no upper limit on the rewards.


Description of Utomarket Referral Program:

  1. After jumping from your link to the Utomarket site, visitors must complete their registration as soon as possible to be associated with your account. If the visitor does not register and click on another referral link, or enter the Utomarket site via another source code advertising link, your link will be overwritten and no commission will be received for that visitor’s account.
  2. You won’t receive commissions from multiple accounts owned by the same person referring each other; Utomarket employees do not participate in the Utomarket referral program.
  3. You are not entitled to any commission earned by simulating or imitating the Utomarket platform.(such as the Utomarket website, blog, or any social media platform) If found, you will be disqualified unconditionally in the referral program.


Any malicious operations, use of multiple accounts or any other behaviors to gain an unfair advantage will result in the forfeiture of rewards / rebates.(Including but not limited to the conduct of a small amount of transactions <0.001BTC to defraud commissions and create false accounts)

* If the program is adjusted, please refer to the update on Utomarket. The final interpretation right shall be owned by Utomarket.

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