How to sell BTC?

There are two ways to sell BTC on the Utomarket platform: direct order placement and placing an ad.


The first one: Placing an order directly to sell BTC

Step 1 : Enter the ad list.Choose an ad whose price and transaction method you can accept, and click the “sell” button.


Step 2: Read the information on the page carefully, enter the amount of the currency you want to sell. After you confirm all the information is correct, click the “Submit” button. We warmly remind you to read the terms of trade before your first transaction to avoid unnecessary transaction disputes or losses. If you have any questions about the order transaction, please contact the online customer service for assistance.


Step 3: After the page jumps, please contact the buyer in the chat window first to ensure that the buyer is online. Then inform the buyer of your payment method and wait for the buyer to pay.


Step 4: After receiving the payment, please click the Release BTC button.


Step 5: After completing the transaction, click the “review” button to enter your review of the buyer in the transaction review area.


The second one : Place an ad for sell

View how to place an ad for sell.

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