How to place an ad?

Step 1:Select Currency

Select the country and currency you want to publish. For example, if you want to sell bitcoin in China for exchange of RMB, please select Country/Region-China and Currencies-RMB, as shown in the picture.

Step 2:Select a Trading Method

Utomarket provides more than 200 trading methods, so you can choose the trading method that suits your needs. For example, if you want buyers to pay via Alipay, you can select Trading Method-Alipay, as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Set a Transaction Price

  • What is a fixed price? How to set a fixed price?

  • The fixed price means that the price of the ad does not fluctuate with the market price, which is subject to the price you set. This type of price applies when bitcoin price fluctuations are small.

  • Example: The current market price is 35,000 CNY/BTC. In order to obtain higher income, you expect to sell it at 35,500 CNY/BTC, then directly enter 35500 as a fixed price;

  • As the picture shown:

  • What is a floating price?

  • The floating price means that the price of the ad will fluctuate according to the market price and the floating ratio. This type of price applies when the bitcoin price fluctuates significantly.

  • When setting the floating price, you can refer to this formula: ad price = current market reference price * the floating ratio you set

  • Example:The current market price is 35,000 CNY/BTC. If you want to sell at a premium of 5% on the basis of the market price, you can set a floating ratio of 105%.

  • As the picture shown:

  • How to set an acceptable price?

  • You can set a price according to the current bitcoin market reference price.

  • In order to improve the competitiveness of your ad, you can consider increasing the price of buying the ad and lowering the price of selling it;

  • Step 4: Set the transaction restrictions

    • What does “Transaction Volume” means? How to set it?

    • The Transaction Volume refers to the total amount of bitcoins in this ad that you wish to trade. When amount of bitcoins traded by the ad = the volume you set in the ad, the ad will be removed.

    • The minimum volume cannot be less than 0.00000001BTC and the maximum cannot exceed 10000000BTC.

    • Selling ads: When the ad type is for sale, the amount of bitcoins you can sell must be less than the amount of your wallet balance at the time you place the ad.

    • Buying ads: When the ad type is for purchase, you can buy unlimited bitcoins.

    • As the picture shown:

    • What is a single minimum/maximum limit? How to set it?

    • The single minimum limit is the minimum amount for placing an order for this ad. The single maximum limit is the maximum amount that can be placed for this ad. Setting a reasonable limit range can increase your trading efficiency and allow you to complete transactions more efficiently and quickly;

    • As the picture shown:

    • What is the payment period? How to set it?

    • The payment period means the waiting time for the order which is placed through this ad to be paid. Setting a reasonable payment period can increase the efficiency of your transactions.

    • The payment period is generally between 10 and 60 minutes. The platform default payment period is 30 minutes;

    • As the picture shown:

  •  Step 5: Set your terms of trade(optional)

    • The terms of trade refer to some of your description of the trade. For example: This ad is limited to Alipay transactions. Please confirm that you can complete the transfer within 30 minutes before placing an order.

    • As the picture shown:

  •  Step 6 : Set your auto reply(optional)

    • After setting an auto reply message, the buyer will receive your auto reply message when he places an order. For example, please send your payment information, please provide your other contact information and so on. If you leave it blank, the system default auto reply message will be used. As the picture shown:
  •  Step 7 : Set your security options(optional)

    You can choose whether to restrict buyers, filter buyers who has passed high-level verification, or how many orders the buyers must have already completed.

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