How to follow the Utomarket channel and join the Utomarket group in Telegram?

Utomarket channel:

Utomarket group:

If you are already a Telegram user, click the links above to join. If you don’t have Telegram, please download the app first. The official download address is:


What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free messaging app famous for its focused multi-data center infrastructure and encryption.  Undoubtedly, Telegram has been a most popular messaging app for the cryptocurrency world due to its security and rapidness. You can easily find and join official groups of the cryptocurrency projects on Telegram to start discussions with global cryptocurrency fans.


Why join Utomarket Official Telegram community?

Ever since 1th, May, 2018, Utomarket Official Telegram community provides access to main and important announcements of Utomarket. You will get the best services or improvements we can offer below:

1. Enjoy fastest customer service support here. Once you come across any issue or question, you can directly contact our group maintainer or core operation members for help.

2. Catch freshest news update along with easiest notifications here.

3. Learn accurate formal announcements here as to keep you away from any fraudulent or false rumors.

4. Seize opportunities of all event incentives at the best possibility.


What are aspirations of Utomarket Official telegram community?

We are eager to build an eco-friendly and fast-talking community where users from all over the world connect each other and talk freely without any regional bounds to facilitate better and faster trading business and scale up community influence.

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