How to authenticate?

Preparation: Prepare your personal ID card, and use the mobile phone to shoot your personal ID card in the following verification process.

Step 1: Select your nationality and fill in the information of your ID card

Important: Please be sure to fill in the correct ID information. Once the information is verified, it cannot be modified.

Step 2: Shoot the front and back side of the ID card

Use the mobile phone to shoot the front side of the ID card and the back side of the ID card according to the tips. The system will automatically identify the ID information and verify whether the C1 information is consistent with the ID card.

Step 3: Record a personal verification video

The system will randomly give you a 4-digit verification, please use the front camera of the mobile phone to record a video of you reading the 4-digit verification numbers. The duration of the video is 3 to 5 seconds. After the recording is completed, click “Submit” and wait for the verification result.


Q:How long is the review time?

A:We usually finish it within 1 hour, please be patient. If you need it to be processed as soon as possible, you can contact the platform staff for expedited processing through the online customer service system in the bottom right corner of the page.

Q:Why are the numbers of the personal verification videos often not read correctly?

A:Before the verification starts, you can manually refresh the page to ensure that the 4-digit verification numbers of the current page is newly generated. Before recording a video, keep in mind the order of the 4-digit verification numbers and read them in the system order during recording.

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