How KYC? A trader wants my ID,but i don’t feel good about it.

 Sometimes a trader will ask for your ID.If you trade with a trader for the first time, he/she may ask you to authenticate,This is because in some countries/regions, local laws require sellers
to know the identity of their customers.Most sellers specify in the terms of the transaction whether or not authentication is required,

If you don’t want to send the id to the seller, you can cancel the transaction at any time and then search for traders without strict requirements.

Seller: according to KYC (Know Your Customer) policy of Your local government, you can verify the identity information of the buyer in the chat window.For example, ask for his passpor

photo and the photo of himself holding the passport to confirm whether he is trading with you. Not limited to these documents, you can also ask for other documents that can prove

your identity or video.

Buyer: the seller will require you to submit relevant identification materials to complete the relevant identity authentication, such as my passport, my photo or other documents to prove your identity or video.

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