We hope you can understand the important risks and compliance issues when trading cryptocurrency.

Trading is risky, Investors need to be cautious.

The risk of loss from trading or holding digital assets can be substantial. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether the trading of digital assets or any leveraged or derivative digital assets is suitable for you based on your financial situation.

The company only provides peer-to-peer online trading platform

Although there are other trading platforms that can convert or liquidate digital assets into money or legal currency, we do not provide such services. “Utomarket” just provides customers with a peer-to-peer online trading platform service and will not participate in transactions.

We do not trade directly with users.

Utomarket is a company that focuses on the development of peer-to-peer online transactions and enjoys certain benefits. However, we cannot and do not wish to serve certain customers, such as customers from jurisdictions that prohibit the conduct of digital assets, if you fall within this category, please stop using this website. Also, we do not engage in direct cryptocurrency trading with users.

We provide information for related departments

We respect laws and regulations and comply with applicable regulations. As a good corporate citizen, we may be asked by law enforcement agencies to provide information and will provide assistance if the law allows it. This means that our platform only welcomes customers who comply with the law. We welcome the opportunity to win your business. Correspondingly, we require you to act legally and correctly on our platform.

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